If it’s hot flushes or hot flashes of wise woman hood – it can be a testing or challenging time for some!

I remember hearing about it as I was growing up – whoa it sounded weird! Why did my aunt go bright red and drip when whilst we were in holiday! And why did my Mum say it was no big deal! How come some people sail through it and some have a turbulent time?

Reflexology is one complementary therapy that can be great if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms. It aids women in so many ways as it’s relaxing, enjoyable and helps your body to help itself.

Coping with the menopause can be easy for some and extremely difficult for others.

Some people go through it and barely know it is happening whilst others experience years of hot flashes, dryness, mood swings and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms.

Menopause is the transitioning phase where a woman moves through her potential child-bearing years and into the ages of wisdom and potential freedom to become the glorious woman that she is.

Lots of women will experience their first ever treatment of reflexology at the time of their menopause as this may be the first real challenge that they’ve ever faced. Luckily reflexology is great at supporting each and every woman in a totally unique way. Each treatment is conducted to suit each and every woman according to what is happening in her life and circumstances.

When anyone is stressed, it will make any situation seem aggravated and so reflexology is not only relaxing; it is also superb at helping to balance their endocrine system.

The Endocrine System is the centre of how our hormones are balanced, controlled and regulated. If any area of the endocrine system is under too much pressure then this can have a knock on effect with hormone related issues.

Clients frequently comment that they now sleep better, have less agitation and anxiety in general and have far less (or no) hot flushes or flashes. I call these ‘Hot flushes / flashes’ or power surges. They are when you get a surge of energy and it can take some time before it dissipates.

Some of the grounding and balancing techniques used in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology can also really make a difference.

It may take several sessions before a level of hormonal balance is achieved, however, close observation to subtle changes is worthwhile as some ladies may only notice the big shifts and so may miss the early indications of any improvement.

The best way forward to find out what reflexology can do to support someone with endocrine or hormonal issues such as the menopause is to try it! Experience the difference. Give it a go! I’d certainly recommend it!


Sue Ricks
Lecturer and Practitioner in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology