Well, maybe some days flow as we’ve been thinking helpful thoughts about life, things and events or others maybe not?

Recently, I’ve noticed a really subtle and yet helpful shift in my own awareness towards what I’m thinking about and what I’m saying in my head or out loud.

Do you ever get those moments when you say ‘how did that happen?’ or ‘why am I encountering this?’

Well maybe some of this is our own unique “meant to be” path in life and some of it is our own thought generation at the deepest level.

I was listening to an audio today where the lady said that she had noticed her friends talk about things that they wanted and how they’d immediately followed it with ‘but that will never happen…’ And rightly so, the audio lady said ‘so it won’t!’

When we think positive, helpful, new thoughts, we create real pathways towards whatever that thought was.

How come some things flow and some things don’t?

Is it because our thoughts have a natural flow, ease and progression on some things and yet on others not so much ease and comfort?   I’ve noticed with my clients over the last few months that it’s almost as if they are speaking about things in a black and white way – black being a reflection of dark thoughts (doom, worry, pessimism, reality, etc.) and light thoughts being more light-hearted and optimistic. This light approach creates potential and opens up every kind of option and reality.

I use the word reality for both light and dark thoughts. This is because when I listen to clients, for hour upon hour, I watch and witness the impact of their words and actions, and observe what their ensuing results are. Some clients say that this is just the real world and it’s tough and some say it is my reality that it’s like this, whilst being so much more positive.

What if our reality is just a belief and not really real – It’s purely a thought-generated scenario?

What if we created what we believe and that becomes an expression of our reality? If we change a belief, can we change reality?

If we chose to work with, create and increase our light thoughts, we can maybe connect more to the light and loving essence of the humankind experience and maybe we can make a real difference in the world.

A simple loving and helpful thought that creates a reality that we enjoy could just as easily be blotted out by simple closing statements. Such as:

  • ‘I don’t know how to’
  • ‘That will never happen’
  • And the simple and very frequently used energy blocker of ‘but’
    • Example ‘I think I’ll do that today… but, I’ll do that first’.

Energetically, the desire to do x today is blocked off by the word ‘but’. And although the intention was set earlier on in the day, the rest may get ‘hijacked’ before the intention can be flowed out through the whole day.

I’m enjoying noticing my inner thoughts and checking if they are light related or dark thoughts. We can ask ourselves are they open or closed thoughts? Do they flow, or is there a ‘but’, or ‘what if’, etc. first?

Wishing you a lovely day.

Keep pumping the love pump!

With love,

Sue x