Here’s a sneek peek at my book The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children:

Go with the Flow

One of the best things about Gentle Touch Reflexology is that this routine is a very flowing set of techniques that gives you the chance to let the treatment just flow.  It is more about the flow and encouraging the child’s spirit and energy to flow, rather than the practicalities of getting it ‘just right’.  Obviously doing it ‘right’ is important, but should not be focussed on, to the detriment of the flow.  Sometimes people can be so concerned about getting it right that they either do nothing at all, or are so fixed in their heads that they lose the capacity to really feel and sense the treatment.  This sensitivity is what Gentle Touch Reflexology is about.  With practice this is how you will develop your senses to know how to touch, where to touch, what pressure to use, or even not to touch (and do aura work instead) and so much more.  The flowing nature of the treatment is the best thing to aim for.  If in doubt about where to touch, or what comes next, just keep your hands and fingers moving in lovely massaging strokes over the foot until you reconnect with what comes next, or where you are working.

Stay as relaxed as possible and allow the treatment to flow.  Once it is flowing you might find that you instinctively know more about where to go and what to do.  Sometimes your head might be your own worst enemy as you try to do it ‘right’.  Do your best to work at a relaxed pace as too rapid an approach may cause the child to feel unsettled or ‘wound up’!

Whole foot / hand = whole body = whole person / baby / child

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