I really like some of things I have seen on YouTube and so I am having a go at putting more information on there. See what you think to my latest 3 videos.

The first video is all about the charts that I have produced for students and those interested in Reflexology, Foot Reading, Hand Reading, Chakras and Gentle Touch Reflexology. Its a brief overview and a chance to see what they look like. Please take a look at the charts!

The second video is all about my books and DVD’s. I talk about each product and show you what it looks like and whats in them. The books include 3 Steps to Enjoying Life, The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children and Fantastic Feet. The DVD’s include DVD’s about Gentle Touch Reflexology, Advanced reflexology techniques, Energy and self development techniques, Success tips for reflexologists and Reflexology for Babies and Children. Please take a look at all the DVD’s and books!

The final video tells you all about the fantastic benefits of magnesium. We really need our minerals as they are the building blocks for everything else. I have started using so new ones for both myself, family, friends and even my cat! Since I did the video my lovely cat (aged 16) has had the most extraordinary benefit. She has the softest and silkiest fur that she has ever had and has always been very vocal and active and no she is even more so! I get my minerals from Gently Benefit.

Have a look at the video about minerals and magnesium!


Sue x