A couple of people have recently asked me about how to stay safe in the summer. So I thought I would list a few quick tips.

1 – Make sure you drink plenty of water. I take my water bottle with me everywhere and have got myself a ruck sack that I can put the water bottle in or I clip it to a strap, similar to a camera strap. This is the water bottle I use that takes out all the nasties and tastes gorgeous

2 – I keep an Aspivenin available at all times, as you never know when it will be useful for friends or family. If you get stung or bitten it’s a clever little thing that works to provide suction that works to stop the poison going into your body.

3 – Go in the sun on a regular basis but not for too long! Gradually build up your tan and you will find that you stay much healthier if you do that. Using sun screens are of immense importance however it is also good to recieve the benefits of the sun for short periods of time. Sadly in Australia and some other locations, including some in the UK there are children who are being diagnoised with ricketts and other conditions caused by lack of exposure to the sun. The trick is to have some sun rather than too much sun. Too little is also to be avoided. I often say that I am solar powered as I need small amounts of sun on a regular basis.