Reflexology and Foot Reading

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I love Gentle Touch Reflexology and also foot reading.  Between them they make such a powerful
team!  It’s fascinating, amazing, rewarding
and stimulating to work with people and help them through reflexology with the
added dimension of foot reading.

I use both in both my clinic and teaching.  Students of Gentle Touch Reflexology and foot
reading often seem to be amazed at what they can do.  One of the greatest benefits of reflexology
is its very simple and potentially underrated ability to aid someone coping
with a condition or situation and help them to relax. The pure relaxation alone
will help the client on many levels.  We
know that being relaxed and at ease with the world can bring about remarkable
and quick changes to assist a human being. Relaxation can bring such a wide
range of benefits to both mind and body.

When the reflex points are accessed via a reflexologist
during treatment it can be a wonderful facilitation for the persons own healing
potential.  In Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR)
we work so lightly and with a core philosophy about what our role is and how we
may offer the best level of support for our client. I believe that Reflexology can
be so successful as it allows someone to take the time and space for magic to

Learning more about foot reading adds a whole new dimension
too.  I love what foot and hand reading
can offer on a day by day basis.  Just
today I was in a shop and lady was telling her friend how her bunions were “playing
her up”. She was pointing out which bit of her foot was hurting and everyone
around her could easily hear the conversation as she was speaking really quite loudly.  I would doubt that the lady really knew that
what she was showing her fiend was the result of her over giving and needing to
make space for herself.  Bunions tend to “play
up” when the stresses in life get too large and there is no “me” time left.

The shape and look of the feet in general can tell us loads.  Just little things like if the tops of the
toes are really white, this indicates that the person has been doing huge
amount of thinking and maybe over thinking.
It indicates that they have no more energy for thinking at all. The best
thing to do in that situation is rest, sleep, relax and switch off.  No more thinking until their energy is rebooted
and better.  Quite often when we got into
that state we try to think our way out of it and that is never going to work!

I love the simplicity and also more in-depth complexity too.
Some people love the simple fact about location, shape, meaning and colours, whilst
others like to learn more about the various layer of information that you can gain
from foot reading.

You can also hand read as well – and that is great for
everyone too.  I use it myself as it can help
me if I notice an issue with a finger of a sensitive part of my hand.  I noticed my client had been picking at the
tip of her thumb and it was during an intense time of stress at work. When we
have problems with our hands it means that we have a problem with what we are
handling. So our hands are talking to us too and telling us how well (or not) we
are doing!

There is so much to say about it and I am never sure where to
start. I realise that I have not put much on the site for ages and keep hoping
to have more time. I am either in clinic, teaching or with family and friends
and so my writing is focused on the two books at the  moment- one on my own thoughts of foot reading
and one on Gentle  Touch  Reflexology.
I intend to keep going  on these
until I have made it – I have been at it for years and am determined to
actually get them out in case they help anyone as the skills have really helped
me enormously too.  I will post when the books
are out – the courses are available already – foot reading, hand and foot reading
and gentle touch reflexology. Some classes are in the Uk and some are in the