I have had such a super time recently and so have the students too – when you are learning and both students and tutor are having fun and learning at the same time – it got to a great way for making progress!

I have been thinking about some of the most recent courses that have been happening over the last few weeks and can see a trend for fun, enjoyment and mutual learning – all at the same time!

So when booking on a course – or any training, think about whether it is just for knowledge, or is it for enjoyment and knowledge?  I once heard that if you leanr one thing on a course – than it was worth going and that is what I wish all students – that they get one thin (or more) from being on the course. One thing (or more) that altes your life for the better is worth doing in my book!

There are so many fabulous things to learn that it can be a mind filed on wknoing here to start!  Hearing about other opinions can be really helpful – so here are a few to go on with!

Gentle Touch Reflexology – Introduction to Hand Reflexology (courses)

“As complete beginner to
reflexology the one day course was a fantastic introduction, not only to Gentle
Touch Reflexology in a wonderfully relaxed environment but also to many other
aspects of Sue’s inspirational work.  Sue really has got an amazing
ability to help and advise on how to improve your wellbeing and handle the
challenges that modern life presents.”

Reflexology for Babies and Children (courses)

Just a big thankyou for the weekend, I have already been
using the Gentle touch and how wonderful it is. Loving the new results.


It was really informative and fun
and I now feel the inspiration I was looking for to return to my reflexology work.
Your style of teaching and way of working really appealed to me. It was such a treat to have 2 days
respite from my caring responsibilities at home that I actually feel
as if I’ve been on holiday.


What can I say.  What an amazing
weekend!!!! I feel inspired.  Thank you for sharing what you know with all
of us


So – look out for what you enjoy, check the details provide you with what you want to learn and ensure you get some form of interaction as well. being lectureed at is not much fun, Engaging with the other students and jioing in as you feel worlk for you is another option. even if you like to sit at the ack andf wacth it is always worht looing for course that seem to have agood track record and good reviews.

Most of all….      Enjoy!