Recent research has found that our skin maybe more important to our overall health than first thought.  We all know that the skin is the barrier that protects us from the outside environment and is the end of “us” and the beginning of our surroundings and contact.  This research however shows that how our immune system remembers infection and how it prevents against re-infection

The findings suggest that the most important elements of T cell memory to infectious diseases may reside in tissues, rather than in the blood.

“The immune system provides the right T cells, at the right place and time, to protect us from an environment that is full of potentially harmful pathogens.” said Kupper. see further info at:-

Interestingly enough I have been working with a couple of people taking part in new trails of a new way of preparing patients for operations. Each person is asked to wash in the supplied body wash for several days prior to their operation and results show how incredibly good it is at combatting infection and the dreaded MRSA.

Having always been a fan of silver and its’ health saving properties it seems sensible to think of keeping safe and healthy by using colloidal silver topically, especially as it now seems that our immune system is more heavily accented on our skins ability to remember previous infections and so protect against further infections.

Colliodal silver has been known about for ages and can be one of the very best things for dealing with infections and wound healing problems.  You can also use it for everyday things like keeping your toothbrush fresh and clean of removing bacteria and other unwanted ‘nasties’ from fruit – a quick spray when you get back from the shops and the job is done!

Another great skin helper is the humble chick weed!  Whenever I get clients who have excema or dermatitis I recommend SOS cream as it is great for sore skin areas, sore lips, sensitive scalp.  SOS cram is great as it has a combination of Stellaria (Chickweed) and Burdock extracts to comfort and soothe skin, plus Macadamia and Evening Primrose Oil to deeply moisturise it, with Organic Sulphur (MSM) to replenish any dry skin and Neroli and Chamomile essential oils to nurture the skin! The rescue cream works so well for those with problems and so by the time we have discussed colloidal sliver and rescue cream I hope that we are well on the way. Luckily used on their own, they can have super results, however alongside any Reiki or Reflexology treatments etc each client gets the best of both worlds!


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