Wishing everybody a really happy New Year.

It has been a really super year with many challenges, experiences and changes both personally and professionally. I've been lucky enough to spend longer than I thought with my mum before she peacefully passed away in November. I feel very lucky that I had time to truly be with her. We had a magical holiday in France in July where she revisited a favourite area of Brittany (France) and we even took her to her special place where she was able to dangle her feet in the sea.  My beautiful second grandson, Charlie was born and is adored buyye veryone including his big brother Oscar. We just spent a lovely Christmas together as a family. I feel very lucky to have a wonderful partner, children, grandchildren and all my family.

2011 was many things including a time of travelling within the UK,  America, Ireland and Europe.  We've seen lots of students complete some superb complementary therapy and energy work. We been blessed with a beautiful group of new Gentle Touch Reflexologists (GTR) and in all our new 2012 courses are now launching as well.

We've revamped the clinic room and the training area so that it is really beautiful peaceful and restful and gives an added ambience to the work that we do together. We are very lucky to be working in therapy and training as it is immensely rewarding to see people going out and changing other people's lives for the better.

This year has seen a total relaunch of www.SueRicks.com where we can offer a range of treatments and online booking service and a completely new range of courses. There are now evening courses, daytime courses, full-time courses and part-time courses.

The clinic is operating in Loughborough, Leicestershire where I plan to be offering the people of East Midlands a range of therapies including reflexology, Hopi ear cancelling, Reiki, electro crystal therapy, NLP,  life skills and coaching, personal mentoring, EFT (emotional Freedom technique). There are some specific reflexology treatments available in is Gentle Touch Reflexology, reflexology for babies and children (infants), maternity reflexology and treatments to support those hoping to become pregnant (fertility and preconception care). Treatments available.

We really pleased to be able to offer some super courses in 2012 that include reflexology, hand reflexology, foot reading, Hopi ear cancelling energy and vibrational healing, chakra balancing understanding illness and disease, reflexology and retirement, reflexology for babies and children (infants), personal development seminars, the mirror principle, Reiki, Indian head massage, NLP  and feng shui.

It's been an exciting time of growth and development. We've got some online distance learning programs that are just about ready to be launched is there some webinars, and new training packages to suit all.

I'm so grateful to my mum who first introduced me to the healing arts, I feel her presence.

With love and blessings to everyone for a lovely 2012.