I have been asked to write more about foot reading and return to the subject. Foot reading is becoming increasingly popular as there
is so much that we can learn about ourselves via our feet. These are
hidden treasure troves of information when we know where to look!

can see how certain careers suit some, whilst others are more suited to
different careers. Someone may have natural strengths and be in the
right career and yet another person maybe in the wrong career for their
personality (as shown in their feet).  We can see
if someone is really intuitive if they have along second toe – longer than the big toe -(hallux). We can see if they are likely to be following their path or
are unable to follow their intuition. We may see that another person
maybe extremely intelligent and great at making very logical decisions
whilst totally disregarding their feelings.

who has a long first toe (the toe next to the big toe/ hallux) has a
great capacity to feel and sense things, they are intuitive and check
their how they feel about things all the time.  Anyone who has an extremely long big toe is very intelligent and likes to think things through.  Those
who have a degree of ‘webbing’ between their first and second toes will
check how they feel before doing anything and if it does not feel right
they will not move  forward at all (even when it
has been planned and mentally gone over time and time again). Someone
with a very large big toe may be immensely logical but miss the wider
issues whilst someone with long big toes and a long first toe may also
be aware of how they feel about it to and that will help make a balanced


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Foot reading is fascinating.  My
manicurist has recently become intrigued and has started asking me for
more information on what you can read via hands and feet. She knows that
I am currently writing about it and keeps asking me how far I have got
and wants to know what I am writing about at the moment. Each time I go I
tell her where I am and what the subject is about and she them looks
out for it with her clients who go for manicure or pedicures.  She says that she has found it really unnervingly accurate!  She
had even started check her own feet. She has found out that she could
predict that a client was actually really annoyed with her family when
outwardly she implied that life was perfect.  She has also noticed that one client was dreading her son leaving home (all by ‘reading’ her feet).

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