Reflexology for Babies and Children

The benefits of Reflexology for both babies
and children are endless and, although sometimes underestimated, this
wonderfully simple and effective therapy can be perfect for them. Amongst the
many reasons why this therapy is so helpful, supportive and healing for the
younger generation are that it can help them to cope better with tough
situations, become more confident, improve their sleep, reduce irritability or
relieve physical discomfort.

Reflexology is as suitable for a new born
baby as it is for a child or an adult. 
There are now children’s charities, organisations, schools and even
doctors offering Reflexology for their young clients.  This is wonderful news for all the babies and
children who will benefit from Reflexology in their younger years and take this
advantage into adulthood.  Everyone wins!

Gentle Touch™ Reflexology can be done on either the hands or the feet and is suitable
for all ages.  It is the very lightness
of touch that makes it so suitable for the youngest of babies or children and
throughout their lives.  The therapeutic
touch applied to certain parts of either the hands or feet can have an effect
on the whole child. Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is a wonderful treatment and is
both pleasurable to give and to receive.


Reflexology can be superb for children whether they
are well, stressed or in critical care.

It can be useful in a huge range situations ranging

Cuddle Pose.jpgGeneral care and support of a baby/ child

links and bonds with baby/children

an environment and treatment that supports/ improves their capacity to heal.

It can provide assistance in:

§  Optimising the level of therapeutic touch

§  Counteracting the child’s negative
experiences whilst  in hospital

§  Improved parent/ carer bonding

§  Provides opportunities for deep rest and

§  Easy integration with existing practice –
no extra tools required


Calming and relaxing

Aids restful sleep

Helps to boost their immune systems

Improves digestive functions

Helps to alleviate colic

Can help to improve excretory functionality

Improves ability to breast-feed

Improves bonding between Mother and Baby

 A loving touch can communicate care, love and a
sense of “being there” for the child. 

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