Many people
ask me about how energy works and want to know more about chakras too.  In this day and age it may seem that all our
energy is taken up with work and computers and yet our energy is something that
we know when we have, and miss when we do not have any! 

Energy –
what is that?

How do we
get some energy at times when we are low and struggling? Maybe we would love a
quick intravenous infusion as an immediate pep me up! Luckily there are numerous
ways that we can boost our energy and have more to use to work, play and restore

Everything that we do can affect our energy levels and the function of our
chakras. The works Chakra is a sancrit word and means wheel. It is a vortex;
like water spinning down the plug hole or corn wisps swirling in a field. It is
a spiraling movement. Every one of us has chakras and we have seven major ones
(and many more minor ones too).  When we
feel great, our chakras are doing well and when we are feeling low, dispirited,
or tired, then our chakras may be out of sync. 
Ideally we will have seven shining and actively rotating chakras,
however it is part of the human condition to be aiming to balance our chakras
by improving one or other area of our lives and things that have an impact on
our chakras.

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someone wants to say something and feeling that it maybe the wrong time or inappropriate
this will affect the throat chakra as the theme of the throat chakra is communication.
Communication covers all kinds of ways in which we communicate. This includes the
spoken word, expressions, and all types of verbal and non verbal communication.
It even covers what we say inside our heads too. How many times have you wanted
to say something and felt better of it? This is the time when our throat chakra
may be affected. A free flow of soft and gentle energy around all areas of combination
I.e. in and out – giving and receiving of communication can aid a health throat
chakra and its generated energy. “It is not what you say…. It is how you say
it that matters”.

The energy
of the throat chakra governs a wide range of things as each and every chakra is
found in a particular location and will govern the energy of wide area of the
body. The throat chakra governs the maxilla (top of the mouth), lower half of
the ears, lower neck areas, shoulders arms and hands. It is also linked into
the endocrine system (hormonal system) and is directly linked to the thyroid that
has an impact on metabolism, growth and energy levels.

It is therefore
easy to see that if there is some issue going on that is affecting someone’s ability,
circumstance or permission to speak, then this may negatively affect their throat
chakra and therefore affect the thyroid and shoulder, arms, jaw etc. 

I realised
that it might be good to start to write some more articles on how energy works
and affect us and hope to expand on this more over coming weeks. It is a wonderful
and fascinating subject and one that I find is quite incredible in showing us
what is really going on with an individual when you piece together the
contributing factors relating to energy and chakras.