Reflexology is superb for people of all ages.  Over the years many individuals who have been in pain, discomfort or lacking in mobility have turned to Reflexology for relief.

There are many kinds of complementary therapies that can help and Reflexology can be one of the most effective.  The current situation is that more people than ever before are moving into retirement age and are wanting to maintain or improve their health, they are not taking “it is old age” as an answer to aches and pains. They are turning to various different treatments to support their own health. Reflexology provides a marvelous opportunity to support their immune system, increase flexibility and also increase mental agility and memory. Many have been prescribed a multitude of medicines that may have side effects and unwanted downsides, even though they are necessary.  Some are finding that holistic treatments offer an alternative form of protecting and improving their physical, mental and emotional health.

There are a number of different types of reflexology and although the public very reflexology as one subject, there are in fact a variety of different way in which reflexology can be practiced and received. These vary from the Ingham method as lovingly given to us by Eunice Ingham (regarded as the Mother of Reflexology), to VRT (vertical Reflex Therapy where the client may be standing for some of the treatment, through to ART (advanced and heavier pressure reflexology and also Gentle Touch™ Reflexology (GTR).  Each person can therefore choose which type of treatment that suits their preferred style of treatment. In Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology ( the client will receive a very light, soothing and flowing treatment that is suitable for those with fragile skin and tender feet of hands. 

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