This three
day course is designed to provide the key skills required to become a Life
Skills Facilitator
. The participants are provided with proven skills knowledge
to be able to assist clients and facilitate life changing situations.  Support others through personal knowledge and
growth. Handle self esteem issues, bullying, relationship crisis, healthy
connections with both young and old, business development and achievement

The aim of
this workshop is to be thought provoking, thoroughly interesting, easy to
access and hugely rewarding for both participants and their clients.

is perfect for:-

Anyone who
works with others in assisting them personally


Trainers /




setting up their own businesses.

will I Learn?

On this three day course (two days, plus one day) you will learn
a huge range of skills from:

Understanding how and why people
vary and how to get the best rapport with others.

Being aware of where the problems
originate form in problem solving with others

New ways to really listen

Building and maintaining participant
self esteem

Knowing how to recognise the signs
of over load and disconnection/ dissatisfaction

How to inspire and support other
(rather than tell and instruct)

Whose bike is it anyway? Your guide
to why issues frequently occur

A healthy working or personal
relationship – how is that achieved

How to foster openness with others

Progress management – key skills
guaranteed to ensure progress and self development

How to detect subtle signs in others

Which questioning methods work and
which do not.

Handling disagreements and arguments

Appreciation of the energetics of
home, work and school bullying and how to stop it.

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