We have all
heard the sensible advice about taking care of our bones by drinking milk and
yet how many people also suffer from sinus problems, general nasal congestion
and a blocked nose.  All of these could
be related as more and more people are becoming sensitive to dairy products.


When I
started my career in reflexology and found Gentle Touch Reflexology (www.g-t-r.org) within complementary therapies,
I had absolutely no awareness of the problems caused by dairy intolerance and
yet I had a son who was experiencing many of the symptoms!  No one told me that the problems that my baby
was experiencing could be as a direct result of me eating dairy products while
I was breast feeding or as he grew older when introducing him to baby yoghurts


If you or
your children are experiencing any prolonged or repeated symptoms of

sinuses, facial pressure around your sinuses, ear aches or repeated infection,
these could be a signal that your body is trying to tell you that it is not
coping with the milk products from your food. 


Here are
some of the ways in which the dairy intolerance can show up, these include:


Nasal congestion

Poor hearing

Rogue “tummy” aches

Repeated colds,

Throat infections,





Ear infections

Facial Pain

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