Been a cold and windy day today. Great for people watching though. I saw a lady with incredible toe rings on every toe….. obviously adorning her thoughts. In a restaurant I saw a baby with white toes who was crying…. I think she was exhausted with everything that was going on around her. Foot reading seems so much fun when out and about!

In foot reading white toes means exhausted ot having run out or energy. The toes is linked to what or how we think.

In foot reading toe rings means adorning thoughts. It is always intersting to notice which ones!

For more information see the foot reading chart at

Tomorrow I am giving a talk on Foot Reading for Babies and Children in the morning. That will be fun as there will be lots of Mum's and Children there to put it into immediate effect with. One of my studnts brought her young daughter to see me when I was in the states last time I was here and we did a foot reading for her. It has made a big difference to the Mum as she can now be more aware of how her daughter works. Luckily this little girl has a delightful Mum who is learning more and more foot reading and therefore being of greater ability to interpret the foot reading information from her daughter. Know how she is feeling without the daughter telling her is a real boon. Foot reading is such fun and so useful too.