Hand Reflexology can be so incredibly relaxing.  I was lucky enough to have a treatment myself today as I was the client for one of my students who came to do some private training in Hand Reflexology.  Both of us found it was gorgeous and the perfect way to spend a cold wintery day. 

Hand Reflexology is such a great therapy option for anyone who wants to have reflexology but cannot have foot reflexology. This may be because they do not like or cannot bear anyone to see or touch their feet.  There are so many times that Hand Reflexology is perfect, not least of which is that you can do it for yourself.  One great way to help overcome sinus pain or discomfort is to gently massage the fleshy tops of your fingers and then smooth the skin of your fingers down towards your hand.  Simply doing this for a few minutes can often ease facial discomfort.

If you would like more information on Hand Reflexology or to book a treatment or course please email suericks@suericks.com (Our next Hand Reflexology Course is 8th February 2010)