After this kind of winter it seems that we are all ready to
make a fresh start and Feng Shui is such a valuable aid in getting the life you
desire.  Two weeks ago I was asked by one
of my students to help her get her life back on track and so we spent a super
snowy day together going through her home. 
It was fascinating, as everything that she wanted to sort out revealed
itself through her house. In other words all the sectors (in Feng Shui) that
needed adjustment were directly related to what she was aiming to fix. 

By the time we had got back she had already sent an email to
say that she had implemented many of my suggestions and that her house felt
better and much more like her home.  She
has just sent anther email saying that she can really feel the difference and
that she is delighted with the effects it is having on her life.

Having your Feng Shui done is enjoyable; however people do
not seem to know that it can work so well for them.  Once you know the best colours to use, and what
to put where, and what to avoid doing, it can be easy to get each room working
for you.

Have fun with your home……..