The new book will be available really soon!   It is so close now. What a journey!

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I started the book as I realised that there are so many fabulous results that babies and children can gain from having Gentle Touch ™ Reflexology.  I have seen so many smiles from youngsters, tiny tots and all-knowing teenagers after treatments and want to share more of that.

The book will be useful to you if:

·         You are a practitioner of Reflexology and wish to learn more about how to work

·         with and treat babies and children

·         You are interested in and want to know more about how Reflexology can

·         help the younger generation

·         You have children and want to know how Reflexology might help them

·         You are practising or studying Gentle Touch™ Reflexology


The book will provide you with:

·         A treatment routine plus information on how to treat babies and children

·         Information on common ailments and conditions

·         Knowledge on how to create a suitable treatment for each child

·         An overview of factors that are worth considering regarding

The publisher and team have been working every day towards getting the final stages done for my new book “Reflexology for Babies and Children”.  I am watching it’s progress every day and will keep you informed.  Here soon!

Reflexology for Babies and Children – training course – click here.