Foot Reading Fun

How amazing our feet are. We can see so much from the first look of our feet. 

Just take a look at your feet and see how you are doing. 

Check out the colours of your skin tone on the soles of your feet, look at the colours of your toes and whether they are spaced out or one covers another etc.  Notice any markings on your feet, things like scars or corns etc.    Notice the shape and size of your feet and toes.  All these have a meaning and can tell you a great deal. 

The colours all mean something and can tell you how you are feeling and what you may be dealing with or keeping hidden from others (or yourself).  One client recently appeared to be coping really well with a family upheaval and people were commenting how well she was managing, and yet her feet clearly showed that she was really hurting inside and finding it a huge emotional struggle to stay calm and appear relaxed.  The benefit is in knowing are in being aware of it and being able to support yourself and others too.

The colours may change within a short period of time or over weeks as life changes.  Someone may appear embarrassed about their levels of stress for a while and have quite red toes (indicating that they are thinking some angry or embarrassed thoughts) and yet when their stress levels reduce or changes then the colour of their toes will change too.

I am writing more about this all the time as my book is well under way and I am foot reading in practice just about every day.  If you would like to know what the colours mean before I get chance to finish the book then just drop me an email and I will send you the full colour meanings list. Just email and I will get back to you.

I find that I am able to learn more easily from images, photographs and being shown so use photographs to demonstrate what I see.  I can get lost on endless text so I will keep it short for you too.

I was teaching Foot Reading in the USA (Kentucky and Ohio) a few weeks ago and promised to add some more information on some recent cases. My intention is to put some more information onto the blog site and to email out some useful “Getting Started with Foot Reading Notes” all about Foot Reading in practice.   Please email me if you’d like to be included in this mailing.

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