Just been watching the Chelsea Flower show and seen the gorgeous garden of the young Chris Gutteridge and his two friends who have created a beautiful garden at Chelsea flower show.  Photographs of their garden entitled 1984 can be seen by clicking here.


How fabulous to be exhibiting at such a prestigious show; so congratulations to him and his proud Mum Alex.  The flowers, plants and foliage look amazing.   It was only last week when I was mapping photographs of trees in the USA.  It made me realise that we can miss the beauty of what is right under our noses as we see it so much.  Maybe after a while we do not see things that are always there.   It’s good to see the world through the eyes of another.  I loved the honeysuckle trees, the cardinal and a gorgeous blue bird that I never found out the name of.  My host saw it all the time but it was new to me!  Today we have had the same thing happen as I was talking about all the factors that can be considered when treating a man who has arthritis on the knees.  When you are learning there can be so many things to consider that it can seem overwhelming. The girls learning about Gentle Touch Reflexology today were taking their first excellent steps to becoming a reflexology detective.  It was great to see them really start to get the magic of joining the dots and beginning to understand the joining of the dots. Knowledge links to more knowledge and the layers of interest and factors grow and develop.

I had a call today asking what the courses we are running – well the list of the existing courses is as follows (see new options below).

2009 Courses

*       Gentle Touch™ Reflexology

*       Reflexology for Babies and Children

*       Hand Reflexology

*       Foot and Toe Reading

*       Advanced Foot Reading

*Energy and Vibrational Healing / Chakra Balancing/Time Reflex Therapy

*        Hopi Ear Candles

*       Reiki 1st Degree

*       Reiki II – 2nd Degree

*       Reiki Master

*       NLP:  Certificated Course

*       Feng Shui – An introduction


I have several emails about Foot Reading training. The Foot reading book will hopefully be ready at the end of 2009. There is someone to one training on line with video, email and Skype training.  Just email me if you would like to training via your computer suericks@suericks.com