I love the way that a stream of thought gives rise to our reality! As Mike Dooley’s  fabulous website,  www.tut.com says “thoughts create things …….. choose the good ones!”   I remember thinking that I would love to have some lilies in my living room again and made a mental note to add them to my shopping list.  And guess what  – last week a client brought me a beautiful bunch of white lilies that graced our treatment area during our Gentle Touch Reflexology course weekend and now my living room!  A few days later I was given another huge bunch of star gazer lilies that are currently looking totally amazing too.  When I walk into the lounge I am met by the heady aroma of the lilies and am reminded of how quickly our “unattached thoughts” can appear. The more needy we are, the more the barriers go up and act as a block. The more flowing they are the better. “create the desire and release the need”. 


Yesterday I started doing the “behind the scenes stuff” to create a newsletter. I so enjoy writing as it is another way for me to stay in my flow!  I read somewhere about it being the “correct way” to do things is to focus on one thing at a time, however I am not sure if it is my dyslexia or just plain curiosity but my mind jumps about all over the place and so I need variety. Well variety is the spice of life!  So far today I have done a telephone consultation for a lady who has just broken up from her relationship of many years and wanted to go through the impact of that and discuss the best ways to move on with love for herself and her ex partner, I have visited a friend who’s life has taken a very significant up turn of events. It was great to hear all her news, I have done a batch of ironing(!) and written two more pages of my book. I have marked two pieces of home study, planted a plant I was given yesterday and answered ten emails.  If I was doing the same thing all the time I may go nuts, but at least I never get bored!  I was doing another phone consultation last night with a man who is feeling over whelmed about something and so I did some NLP with him over the phone.  Sometime it is the simplest things that make the biggest difference!  Try some reframing for yourself (a great NLP tool). Here’s an example that I have just used with a client who is stuck on the motorway. The motorway has had to be closed (hence he is not here for his appointment and I am writing my blog instead). If you are stuck in a traffic jam, use the time to think about the great things in your life and also experiences, things etc you would like to create in your life.. Be glad that you have time to do that, rather than being in the potential cause of the traffic jam! (Click here for more information on the NLP courses)


I am about to go into clinic to treat a client who has booked in for Hand Reflexology.  It is not often that someone books in for Hand Reflexology alone as I frequently do reflexology work on both the hands and the feet, but this lady has a phobia of anyone touching her  feet.  Her friend has been to see a reflexologist who only does feet and advised her to find someone who does hands too.  I love hand reflexology treatments and we focused on it last weekend in the Gentle Touch™ Reflexology teaching session for the students who are doing the full diploma course.  Everyone commented on how deeply relaxing it is.  I think it surprises people just how soothing and almost immediately relaxing hand treatments can be.  Even if you are just applying hand cream, then the benefits can be superb.  Imagine if every elderly person had a skilled hand reflexology treatment on a regular basis?  How much good could that do?  It is easier to reach someone’s hands rather than their feet, so can be quicker and easier to apply the treatment.  (Click here for details about Hand Reflexology).  I long for the day when hand treatments are the norm!  I probably use hand reflexology treatments (informally and on an impromptu basis) several times a week. Add to that the number of times I show my clients how to help themselves though working on their hands plus the times that I apply it for myself too!  That’s alot!  


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