It’s been a great baby week this week. I have heard from a few people who wanted to pass on their comments about the benefits their child has had after receiving Gentle Touch™ Reflexology treatments. Not only that but I have also had my grandson to stay too!


Some of the benefits reported recently;


1)     A 4 month old baby boy sleeps

2)     A six week old baby settles



1)     A five month old baby who would sleep from

eight pm


ten pm

and then be “awake” all night (just dozing and crying).  His grandmother has had been pleased with her own treatments of reflexology for the relief from migraines and rang me to ask if it might help her grandson too.  He had one treatment and that night slept from

eight thirty until three am

(when his Mummy woke him to check he was ok!). The following night he slept from eight until

four am

and then the day after from eight until

five am

.  Last week (he is now aged 6 months) he slept from

seven thirty


6.05 am

. I liked the fact that his Mum said “6.05”!  The extra five minutes after six o clock must have been like gold! 



2)     A young baby girl of only nine weeks was crying constantly and her mum was getting desperate. She had read about reflexology in a magazine. She rang to ask if it would help her baby and I explained that I really did not know, however babies often do respond well to treatments. I said I would go through everything with her on her first visit.  She arrived looking very dishevelled and almost in a daze. She had managed to bring the baby in the car seat but had forgotten her handbag and changing bag!  Luckily my grandson had been to stay and I had some tiny nappies from Christmas when he as born.  When I first met this little girl she had bright red feet. She had her knees up against her chest and a very miserable face.  I spent a long while on the consultation and went through all the lines of possibility with her Mother. Over the discussion it became clear that diary intolerance could be a possible culprit. It also seemed that it would be very important to assess the reflexes for her digestive system.  The little baby girl’s feet were so tiny and she was not happy to be held by her mum or anyone. I began with some gentle soothing techniques. As her feet are so tiny, my thumb is almost as big as her whole foot!  It was fabulous to watch her little face turn to one of wonder. It was if she was saying “this is nice – what is it?”.  She passed wind almost immediately (!) and I carried  on the do a full assessment treatment.  The reflex points for her digestive tract were certainly in need of some TLC!  There was also a noticeable vulnerability in the sacral area of her spine. I worked steadily through the affected areas and her whole system to balance both her endocrine and energetic systems. I did some energy work to release any possible birth trauma. She seemed to love it and was totally relaxed and peaceful through out the session. Luckily her first “explosive nappy” happened at her home! Three days later I got an email to say that she has started smiling lots more and seemed much happier. She had been doing some good quality nappies that were getting better every day. She had become much more contented and so Mum wants me to pass on her message that “every baby should have this treatment!”


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