Testing the water – is self employment for me?

Just a quick entry as I have just heard that my fellow book writer Cathy Brown is going to be on  BBC Radio 4 today at 3pm on the Money Programme. She is advising callers with their questions about staring up in self employment or improving their situation if already in self employment.  Her book is available on Amazon or her website :- http://www.evolve.eu.com or from me at suericks@suericks.com


Cathy and I go away writing twice a year and focus on our books. I am delighted for her that her book is doing so well. It is great tool for anyone who wants to check out if self employment is for them or not.  It has a check list and what to do if you find that something needs addressing.

My book “Three Steps to Enjoying Life” is finding itself into all kinds or areas. I have heard that people have lent it to their friends and family, it is given out by a hair dresser to all her clients while they have their hair done. One man has left it in the garage repair shop while people wait for their cars!  I hoped it would be lent to clients and colleagues and now am delighted to hear that my purpose in writing it is working as it is being lent out to lots of people for a quick read. To read the positive health book review click here.

Cathy’s next book is about another specific are of working life and promotion and mine is about foot reading – two totally different subjects and written in the same glorious place in Derbyshire!

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