Free Course and Dream Night’s information


Thank you all of you who have let me know that the link to the free course does not work!


Here is the correct link to Mark Sharrat’s workshop. Click here


Dream Nights.

I have been asked what the dream nights are and realise that unless you have been or spoken to someone who has been, you may be wondering!  Well here goes!

Dream Nights are when we have an evening when we gather to get in touch with our wishes etc. Some people call them goals.  All you need to bring is a selection of magazines (to share) or photos of things that you would like or represents something that you like. Bring a pair of scissors and a sense of fun and wonder.  These nights help us to accelerate towards what we want. I will lead the evening and give the instructions on what to do. I will explain why it works and how to get the best out of the evening. As they say “a picture says a thousand words!”.  You will work on your own project and may choose to keep that to yourself or share it with the group before you take it home.  I have been running these for about ten years and they have been extremely popular and so it is now time to restart them again.  If you would like to come along, please email me


The next Dream Nights will be 16th and 19th June (7.30 -9.30 in Loughborough Leics.)  £5 per person. Making dreams come true!