I have been spending much time getting the new DVD’s ready.  I did the filming on November and we have been doing the final editing on it recently. There will be three DVD’s and each DVD has a button per subject so that you can watch it all or just review the item you wish to see again.

1) Advanced reflexology techniques (this includes all the optional extra techniques that you can add into your current treatments to enhance them and create the perfect blend for your clients needs. This Features techniques such as the pelvic rock, triple balancer and peace point.

2) Success tips for reflexologists

This DVD included the features that I have found have made a difference for me and for my students. It is a training and safety aid in itself. It includes “how to deal with difficult client.” “What to say and what not to say” plus energy protections exercises.

3) Everyday Essential for All.  This features the four most versatile and essential techniques that are invaluable for all. Includes “The Hot Air Balloon, The Bubble, The Pyramid safety technique plus Three Steps to Enjoying Life.

I hope to have them available to purchase in July.

I have also put the latest course dates together. The list of courses is provided below. I will do my best to get these onto the website ASAP!  Not being a techi it can take a while!

If you meet up with me soon – ask me about the Magnificent Yellow Teddy bear!!

 ******************************** COURSE and  DATES******************

FuFull Practitioners Diploma


·         See our website www.suericks.com for details.


GeGentle Touch™ Reflexology

3 D3 Day Introductory Workshop

RReReflexologists who are in training or qualified.

·         Wed / Fri 18th – 20th June 2008

·         Wed / Fri 22nd – 24th Oct 2008

ReReflexology for Babies and ChChildren

·          Tues 15th July 2008

·          Tues 28th October 2008

HaHand Reflexology

·         Thurs 7th August 2008

·         Tues 11th November 2008

FoFoot and Toe Reading

·         Wed 21st May 2008

·         Wed 8th October 2008

AdAdvanced Foot Reading

·         Thurs 22nd May 2008

·         Thurs 9th  October 2008

EnEnergy and Vibrational HeHealing / Chakra Balancing/Time reflReflex therapy

·         Tuesday 3rd June 2008

·         Wed 13th August 2008

HoHopi Ear Candles (1 Day Practitioner course)

(FHT & Babtac approved)

·         Friday 6th June 2008

·         Monday 4th August 2008

ReReiki – 1st Degree


·         Mon / Tues  23rd & 24th June 2008

·         Mon / Tues 11th/12th August 2008

·         Thurs / Fri 25th/ 26th Sept 2008

ReReiki II2nd Degree

(2 "2Days)

·         Wed / Thurs 11th / 12th June 2008

·         Frid / Sat 5th / 6th Sept 2008

ReReiki Master

·         Thurs/ Fri 3rd / 4th July 2008

NLNLP:  Certificated Course

(2 days)

·         Mon/ Tues 28th & 29th July

FeFeng Shui – An introduction

·          Tues 30th September 2008

FirFirst Aid for Appointed Persons

(Half day)

·         Saturday 9th August 2008


·         Wed /Thurs25th / 26th June 2008