It has been a delight today.  We have had a lovely weekend being surrounded by the beautiful energy of Reiki.  I remember when I started my Reiki journey and wondered what it would have in store for me.  There seems to so many perceptions and experiences of Reiki. Mine have been of growth, support and appreciation. I have felt as if I am being “nudged” and guided in helpful directions and the more I “tune in” the better it is. 

The Reiki First Degree workshop today has been another opportunity to see how Reiki can affect people.  Some people feel really calm, others feel emotional and some feel nothing and all are “ok”.  We cannot know how we will react and respond to Reiki and yet we all have the exact experience that is just right for our own unique journey. 

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Some start to see life in a different way. Today one lady noticed that everything was brighter and clearer. She started seeing things in a new light and shared her new perceptions of energy and auras.  She was so excited that she had these experiences and saw so many colours.

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Some people feel the energy really quickly and others take time to notice the difference. Others never feel it for themselves but notice the benefit for others.  I love the fact that Reiki helps us to take care of ourselves first before we reach out to others to assist them too.  It is only when we take care of ourselves that we can take care of others.  If we fall apart, then we can be of little use to others!

The teachings and guidance of Reiki are so good to be around. The values, the peace and support that is offered by Reiki can make life so much easier, calmer and happier.  It is interesting that people only come to Reiki when the time is right. When we trust out internal guidance system (our intuition) then we can find ourselves almost magnetically being drawn to the right help, support and that can make a real difference. As the saying goes “when you are ready to learn, the teacher will appear”. 

Last week I was ready to learn something and as if by magic the perfect opportunity and teacher appeared.

Reiki is great for us all. It is like being able to plug in and recharge the batteries.  When we are busy rushing or are worried and stressed then we can loose energy. Receiving Reiki can be the perfect way to recharge and improve all kinds of things.  We may feel more positive, or have the inclination the sort out a problem. We may find ways to take better care of ourselves or have more comfort and less pain. It is a personal growth and development aid, plus healing on all levels.

Reiki can be done as “hands on” or “hands off”. Sometimes the person doing Reiki will have their hands lightly touching and other times will be holding their hands above the person’s body.  Both ways work beautifully.  The person doing the Reiki will follow what they sense will be best way for the person receiving it.

It can be useful for people of all ages and any state of health.  It is not an alternative to orthodox medical care and can be used along side this.  My recommendation is to seek Reiki as a support for anyone who feels that it may be able to help.  (In severe mental health case it is best to check with all those involved in their care).

Reiki can be great to lift your spirits and energy levels. It can ease pain and tension. Calm your levels of stress and give you a clearer perspective on life. Emotionally it can be superb too. Some who are coping with anxiety or even grieve can finds that Reiki is an excellent option.

Reiki can be wonderful for our animals too.  Many people use Reiki to help their cats, dogs, horses etc.   My own cat loves it. 

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