I was woken this morning by the earthquake and was quite alarmed by the shaking and noise of the wardrobe doors and windows rattling.  This morning I found two photo frames that had toppled over and a flask that had fallen off the shelf.  If it was like this here, then what was it like close to the epicentre?  I felt lucky not to be in a really big one too!  Mind you it was the biggest for 25 years in the



The Energy course on Friday and the Babies and children course yesterday led me to thinking about putting on some shorter courses too.  Yesterday we were chatting over lunch about doing short courses and think that later in the year I may offer some half day options too on things that people ask for. These may be on things like

  • How to build a good and quick rapport with your clients.
  • Improving relationships – why some couples find it difficult to understand each other
  • Communication with children – how to get them to hear you
  • Coping with bullying
  • Increasing sports potential
  • Improving work life balance etc

If you would be interested in these or you have any other requests/ suggestions then please let me know. I am fortunate to have taken time out to consider new ventures. I am so enjoying this quality of life! I can recommend it.

The current courses available can be found at www.suericks.com