It is our Reflexology for Babies and Children course today and I am looking forward to that.  It never ceases to amaze me how well the treatments work for both Babies and Children. Not only do they seem to love reflexology but their parents and carers seem to love the effects too!  I feel very lucky to work in such a rewarding area of work. 

Recently my Grandson had need of a treatment.  We had all gone away to Center parcs and whilst we were there, his parents told me about a little concern that they had and asked if I would mind doing some reflexology treatment on him while we were away?  Would I mind?  I was delighted!   His little feet (at only eleven weeks) are gorgeous and he looked at me with his big brown eyes and I must admit I had a problem to concentrate for a few seconds!  Luckily his “issue” was minor and I felt the reflex points respond really quickly to the treatment and within minutes I had done all that was necessary. The following day his parents reported that he was now fine and that the treatment had worked very successfully.  Hooray for Gentle Touch™ Reflexology!  Those few minutes gave everyone a lovely holiday as I got to treat my grandson – what a joy, and his parents had a happy and contented son too!

Yesterday I also treated the son of one of my friends.  He is seven and therefore very aware and interested in what I was doing. I treated his hands (as that was easier to get too than his feet).  He had hurt his knee playing football at school and was complaining about it feeling locked and bruised. The school nurse had checked him out before he had been sent home.  My friend and I were enjoying a lovely walk in the beautiful British countryside and got a call from school to collect her son.  Off we went and fetched a tearful little chap who was trying very hard to be brave.  I told him that although I could not mention who, I had treated a famous footballer and so he was in good company!  That cheered him up enormously.  I did a couple of minutes in his knee reflex points to assist his knee and he said he felt his actual knee go hot and then feel “ripply”.  I think he could feel the effects working. Soon he had vanished and we assumed he was feeling fine. I have had a text from my friend this morning to say that her son said his knee was fine at bedtime and he did not seem to be having any problem with it today.

This just reminded me of why I had originally trained in reflexology.  It was to just to help my family and friends. I had never dreamt that I would be working with people I had never met before. 

I am off to get the training aids out for the Reflexology for Babies and Children Course now and that includes some life like dolls!  We use their feet to practice on as the feet of tiny babies are so small it is difficult to know where the reflex points are.  When the dolls keep still we find it much easier than working on our little wrigglers later!