Some Facts About Parasites

1 They live within us – often without us ever knowing!

2 They feed off us and then eliminate their waste through us too!.

  • They can cause us to have loss of nutrients and general nourishment (because they take it!).
  • They can damage cells as they attach themselves to hang on (like a leach)
  • They can cause increased toxicity as they can upset out immune systems and increase what needs to be eliminated.


The parasites can only live by ingesting the sustenance that we ingest by using our life force. They can even have first call on the supplements that we take.  This can be an expensive waste!  It has been reported that 85 – 95% of the population have parasites living within their bodies. In some countries it may be as high as 100%. 


We have all seen the television awareness adverts and programmes that tell us about water born parasites that infect those who do not have access to clean water but did you know that you can also get parasites from eating vegetables?

Anyone who has pets knows that it is normal for them to have worms etc. Regular medication is normal for our pets. We also know that some third world countries have similar problems that appropriate medication can help to eradicate these intestinal problems that can cause severe and life threatening conditions.  We are actually all the same and need to pay attention to the same cycle happening in all countries. In years gone by we did make de-worming part of a healthy routine but maybe we have forgotten the basics.


Recently a friend of mine did a purge of parasites and not only saw the evidence of dead and dying worms leaving (!) but she also had a “huge burst of energy”. She was very pleased to have felt more energetic. Last time I did the programme I was really impressed and do it on a regular basis now.

The parasites can be eliminated and have been seen after the evacuation process (if you care to look!  Sometimes they are large and some are small and some are unseen!  A recent TV programme “Spa of embarrassing Illnesses” showed many participants proudly showing off the result of the parasite purge that they had undertaken. Some of the evidence was really horrible to see and acknowledge but the participants seemed delighted to have removed them. One tapeworm was huge!

Parasites are cunning as they depend on being undiscovered!  They live happily unseen and reproducing at will and often at speed! Luckily we can remove them without ever having to see them!

Not only do they eat our foot and excrete in our bodies but they are also able to move around. Some find the way straight through to the site that they choose in their host whilst other migrate all over the place (through skin to veins, lungs and intestines.) They vary is size and can be from one centimetre to some incredible tapeworms that have been recorded as growing up to 12 metres!

There are lots of programmes that can you can use to help rid yourself and your family of these unwelcome residents.  Most are 50+day programmes to allow for an initial cleanse and breakdown of the attaching organisms plus the gestation and life cycle of eggs etc.

I use Parafree and Feelin Good. This is a programme of twenty five days of Parafree (five days off) and then another 25 days of Parafree.  Feelin Good contains fibre and can be helpful to support the work of Parafree.

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