I have enjoyed taking a break and spending time with my family. I have had chance to notice so many things and feel so grateful for my numerous blessings.

It’s good to stop sometimes and take stock. I feel blessed that I have done that.

I have now released the dates for my next series of courses and these are listed below as well as on the main website.

There is also a little Google calendar with the latest dates on the left of this blog entry.

The next courses are the Energy and Chakra balancing (via the feet) on

Friday 22nd Feb ’08, followed by Reflexology for Babies and Children

on Tuesday 26th Feb.

The Hopi Ear Candles course is on Tuesday 4th March with our full Gentle Touch

Reflexology course being held over the following weekend (8th/9th March).

Courses available:

(All courses are running in Loughborough)


Friday  22nd February – Energy and Vibrational Healing (also on 03/04 & 03/06)

Tuesday 26th February – Reflexology for Babies and Children


Wednesday 5th March – Hopi Ear Candles

Saturday/ Sunday 8th/9th March – Gentle Touch™ Reflexology – Full diploma course weekend

Saturday/ Sunday 15th/16th March – Reiki 1 (1st degree)

Saturday / Sunday 29th/30th March – Indian Head Massage


Thursday 3rd April – Energy and Vibrational Healing

Saturday/ Sunday 12th/13th April -– Gentle Touch™ Reflexology – Full diploma course weekend


Thursday 8th May – Hand Reflexology

Wednesday 21st May – Foot Reading

Thursday 22nd May – Advanced Foot Reading


Tuesday 3rd June – Energy and Vibrational Healing

Wednesday/ Thursday – 11th/12th June – Reiki 11 (2nd Degree)

Wednesday – Friday – 18th – 20th June – Gentle Touch™ Reflexology Three day course


Thursday/ Friday 3rd/4th July – Reiki Master

Since Christmas I have been enjoying working less hours as I realised that I had done

too much and was not finding time for me or my family. My rebalancing time has been invaluable.  It’s hard when you love the clinic and teaching as much as I do!  I was

tempted to over book myself and have now decided to work at a much more relaxed


I apologise to anyone who has sent me an email that I have not answered. I get so

many emails that it is physically impossible to answer them all.  I often wish I had a

magic fairy who could rattle off replies to everyone. I love it!  I now am working

and spending lots of time with family and friends. I can recommend it!

I have also enjoyed making a few mini micro teaching videos.I intend to have these

available on the website in the future. I have found them very helpful when

explaining points to people as I am quite a visual person and find video works well

for me and others like me.  I will keep you posted.

Although I have not been teaching since Christmas, I have been working in the clinic

and have been continually reminded of how easy it can be release the pressure that

people are finding themselves in. Sometimes just simple reflexology technique or a

simple energetic exercise can work wonders. Obviously it is not all that "easy" but I

have seen so many great examples over the recent weeks that it has been good for

my to be reminded of the phrase "sometimes the simplest is the best".  Since cutting

back on my hours I have found so many simple pleasures and had time for some life

enhancing realisations. All have been simple shifts but profound in their effect. 

Sometimes our world seems to be moving so fast and it is good to stop and do the

simple stuff.  My new work schedule allows for lots of that!  On the Energy course on

Friday (also available on the 3rd April and 3rd June) we will be going through a number

of techniques that look as if they are "nothing" and yet they are so powerful. 

Nothing is an interesting word "no" "thing". In appreciation of music is said that the

music is actually in the spaces between the notes. In quantum physics the spaces

between the particles is the "energy" that is the potent force.  The "no" thing is

the "real" thing.

The importance lies in the spaces.  As Echkart Tolle (author of the power of Now),

says in his lecture all life happens in the dash between the dates between our birth

and death, i.e. 1926 – 2001!  It is the moment that counts and how we utilises that!

I have now idea how frequent or infrequent my blog entries will be as I am just

going with the flow! 

Love and best wishes. Enjoy all moments of stillness……….