Wonderful news!

So much has happened over the past few days.  We have had Hopi, NLP and Susanne Enzer doing Maternity Reflexology, I have spent three days filming and most importantly…….   I have a grandson!!!   Oscar arrived last night and everyone is doing well.  I can’t wait to see him!  I have seen a photo and he looks gorgeous.  What an amazing coincidence that he arrived during our Maternity weekend as I booked for Susanne Enzer to come to Leicestershire last January!

I feel so lucky to be in this career.  What a great life we have!  As a practitioner we get to meet some great people and work with like-minded individuals. Recently the courses have gone well and I have worked with some fabulous people; how great that they have also had some super results too.  After the Hopi Course one lady emailed to say that her Husband could now hear properly for the first time in ages and another one rang to say her best friends tinnitus had almost gone!  During the NLP course we did loads of things and one particular exercise revealed a whole new way for one lady to achieve what she really wants.  NLP can be so simple and yet amazing effective. Check out some great NLP tips on http://www.nlp-now.co.uk/tips-n-tech.htm I highly recommend anyone and everyone to either learn NLP or book a session with an NLP practitioner, as it can be so incredibly helpful in our everyday lives.

It is the energy and chakra-balancing course on Friday. We will be going through the meanings of information receive from the feet, ie the energy. Discussing chakras and where they are located on the feet, how to use these energy techniques for certain types of people and if they have different conditions, plus how to release trauma from events that have past that still can impact on us now.  This can have a profound impact on someone’s life when they feel safe enough to release the past.  We all find our own ways and our own time and for some it is via the feet! For others it is though NLP and for others it may be something quite different. The only thing that matters is that we are open to finding the best treatment and therapies for ourselves. Each therapy provides it’s own blessing and each person who does the therapy brings his or her own special blend of skills to the treatment. Luckily that means that there is someone out there who may be just perfect for us and we may be the right person for a specific client. This is why we can have some excellent results one day and more usual results another day.  Maybe the time and place are just right for both the client and the practitioner.

If you do it with love – the rest follows!

Thought for the day: "It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing."