What a lucky week! I had a great time with the Gloucestershire AoR group on Sunday. We had eighteen qualified reflexologists who were learning Foot Reading for the first time.  It was such a lovely day as we were able to use a room in the Hospice and the atmosphere was gorgeous. It was such a peaceful place.  The foot reading day went beautifully as they were all so good at it!  There were lots revelations going on both personally and professionally as people saw the accuracy of reading both their own and their client’s feet. 

I have now amassed a very large collection of photos and am currently well underway with my simple photographic explanation of feet reading.  My aim is that it is an easily accessible book that provides a photograph on one page and the explanation and detail on the other page. For anyone who has read my other book “Three Steps to Enjoying Life – it will be in the same format.

On the way home I met up with my son who was visiting his girlfriend and we travelled back up the M5 and were rather surprised to find snow!  We were really lucky and can thank our angels, as it became really bad conditions for driving quite quickly.  At one point we were crawling along and finding it difficult to see the lane makings on the road. Everyone was travelling so slowly but one car in front just touched the brakes and went immediately into a spin and we both thought he was going to hit us but we were lucky and he missed us, however he was not so lucky and really dented his car on the wall.  It was like glass and we were glad to get home!  It was very pretty though!

Feng Shui Tips

After clinic yesterday I was speaking to a group in Leicester about Feng Shui.  The group were really interactive and joined in with lots of good questions.  We got into quite a discussion about the principles of healthy spaces in the bathroom and how it can help you to feel healthier too. Click here to read more information on things to avoid in toiletries often found in your makeup bag and bathroom.

We also discussed the quickest way to give your home an energy boost or clear away any unsettling energy ie after a difficult or unsettling discussion/ arguement.

1)     Open the windows to let fresh energy in. Ideally on a day like today – just as I write this, the sun is coming out and shining through the remaining leaves on the trees. The leaves are glistening and the air is lovely. This is exactly the time to open the windows and draw in some lovely fresh clean air and energy. Out with the old and is with the new!

2)     Put on some music that you like, something that is calming and enjoyable and makes you feel good. The energy of music is new quantifiable as seem in the crystal photos (more on this in another blog!)

3)     These steps alone can change the energy and help you feel better fitter and happier.

4)     If you have more time then vacuum through is recommended as negative energy sinks into the recesses of the tufts of the carpet and any crack in the flooring.  Another good tip is but cheaper carpet that you may be able to afford to replace on years to come. If you have spent a fortune o the carpet in the first place you may be reluctant to change it in the future.  A new carpet gives you a fresh start and may reflect the change that you have made in the house and colour schemes.

Course Dates

I have had several emails about the course dates for next year and can tell you that

they will be on the site in a while. Keep watching if there is a course that you want to do in 2008. 

I feel a window opening session coming on!  Music and fresh air!