Great to see Lisa and Chris on the BBC news item about ADAPT.  The Charity got a lovely bit of publicity as well as having got the support of Children in Need and we saw the backs of Chris and Lisa doing Gentle Touch™ Reflexology!

Certificates arrived!

Fabulous news that the BRCP certificates have arrived and so I will be meeting up with the students today and Monday.  I remember how exciting it is to actually have the certificate in your hand.  You have worked so hard to achieve a great qualification and the then you actually have it in your hand – perfect!  My memory of hearing that I had passed is one I will hold dear for always.  I remember meeting my family for a meal and telling them that I had passed and it feeling fabulous.  Well done to all who are on their way!  I spoke to Steve yesterday and gather he will be attending a show in early December and offering Gentle Touch™ Reflexology treatments on the stand, so I will post the details later when I hear where it will be.

Give it a go…

If you would like to try Gentle Touch™ Reflexology then  you could contact a Gentle Touch™ Reflexologist in your area, or look at the website and see that list of registered practitioners. If you are a Gentle Touch™ Reflexologist who has professionally trained in this and want to be added to the register then please email me the details of your entry.  I will obviously only be able to accept requests from those who have trained here.


The clinic here in Loughborough has treatments available in Gentle Touch™ Reflexology, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Reiki, Hopi ear Candles and One to One stress management. If you would like a treatment, please call 01509 214373 to book an appointment.

Love and Hugs

It is the Foot Reading course tomorrow for the AoR group meeting and I am delighted to be staying in Great Malvern with one of the group members.  She sounds really lovely and I am looking forward going later today.  Jillie is here on Jet duty!  Jet is my wonderful cat that loves to talk to everyone!  She is certainly one of the chattiest cats that I have come across.  Everyday when I come back from any trip out she runs down the stairs to greet me. She is so loving and it reminds me that one of the most basic needs that we have is the sense of touch.  So many of the treatments on offer these days offer a great way to receive appropriate touch and so make us feel better.


Maybe just being open to giving and receiving hugs is another way that we can make life even nicer.  After all hugs is –

  • Healthy
  • It helps the immune system
  • It cures depression
  • Stops tears
  • Reduces stress
  • Induces sleep
  • It is invigorating
  • Rejuvenating
  • It has no unpleasant side effects
  • And is nothing short of a miracle drug

Hugging is natural. It is organic, naturally sweet. Has no artificial ingredients, is non-polluting, environmentally safe and 100% wholesome.

This part of a lovely poem by Charles Faraone


So let’s see how many appropriate hugs you can give and receive over the next week.  If you are good at giving hugs then there are loads of people who are out there who may love a hug and if you find them difficult then see if you feel it is ok get same safe practice. Either way everyone benefits.

Sending you love and hugs!