APAPT, GTR and Children in Need.

I have heard today that the BBC local (East Midlands) are featuring the work done by a Leicester charity ADAPT.  ADAPT is a charity that supports the families of premature babies.They help parents with many of the day-to-day practicalities they face while their children are being cared for.

Nicky Drew is currently training in Gentle Touch Reflexology and took the initiative to invite recently qualified students to help at one of their fund raising events.  Recently Children in Need have supported the charity and the BBC were filming at the event and the lucky practitioners who went along to do treatments!  Christine and Lisa worked thier magic on their clients and may be appearing in the BBC local news later today (Thursday 15th November) on the 6pm News.

Gentle Touch tm Reflexology – one ladies opinion.

When I was at the Holistic Show in October I met a lovely lady called Lorrayne. She treated herself to a Treatment of Gentle Touch Reflexology with a great trainee practitioner, Paul.  When one of the participants of the recent Babies and Children Course asked her was Gentle Touch Reflexology was like, her response was "magical".  Click here to see a short video of Lorrayne talking about what happened during and after her treatment.  She is a qualified reflexologist and gives her opinion on GTR.

GTR in Nuneaton

GTR is also available thanks to the work of Linda Treadwell as part of the The Complementary Network’s Health and Wellbeing Day on Sunday 25th November 2007  at The Chase Hotel, Nuneaton,Warks. They have got lots of therapies on offer. Small entry fee and all in aid of the Air Ambulance. Click here to contact Linda.

Foot Reading

The last few days have been really enjoyable as we have explored Foot Reading. The Course is designed for those who work with people and come into contact with thier feet and may want to know more about what you can accuralty "read" while looking at the markings, positions and colour etc.  It was lovely to see the participants get the reality of what can dectected.  Not just looking at the reflex points, but looking much further at the actual person and what may be going on with their life.  Seeing their strenghts, issues and even possible career options!  Click here to see what Lorraine said about the Course today.  This is a short video where she talks about her thoughts on Foot Reading.