Huge Congratulations to all the students who took their Association of Reflexologists and Institute of Complementary Medicine Examinations. This is fantastic news that each one of you passed both exams.  This is result of consistant hard work, passion and dedication.  The rewards are all yours!  You know who you are!  MAR and MBRCP await!  You can now become members of the AoR (MAR) and British Register of Complementary Practitioners (MBRCP).

I have not been able to write as much as I expected this week but at least I have got here now!  Tomorrow is our Foot Reading day and one that I am really looking forward to.  I keep writing more and more about this amazing subject. It is incredible that you can tell so much about peoples’ lives from just looking at their feet.

Did you know that you could keep an eye on how well you are doing in following your natural path, by just looking at the direction of your big toes?  If your big toe is pointing forward you are doing well but if you have a big toe that points off at an angle then you may need to see assess what you really desire in life and see how you can change things to bring you more on track.  You may say that your big toe is bent over because it is an inherited condition or that you wore pointed shoes as a teenager, but it there is much more to this.  Have a look at you big toes and if they point off towards you other toes then you can check how flexible the toe is. The more flexible the toe, the more you may find it easy to be flexible in your approach and adopt new ways and direction. The straighter your toe, the more on track you are!

Just paying attention to the colours, shapes, toe and positions etc can show so much more about us.  I find it a great benefit to be able to work more quickly with my clients by almost being able to speed assess what their core issues may be.  I find that I can adapt my treatments, advice and information according to what I read on my clients’ feet. This is the fun we have in the workshops as we open up the whole arena of being able to read the feet.  I realise that this is quite a new subject for many, however there seems to be a direct interest in it now.  I remember some of the comments of the great reflexologists who have qualified this week.  One said that they felt that it was also most more accurate than the initial reflexology. Another said it was more intense and important that anything else.


I am currently writing about my thoughts and observations as this subject that absolutely fascinates me. When I have a bit more time I will write more as I know there are lots of people who want to know more.  I now have loads of photos of great feet that really show so much about this subject and am enjoying writing more about it for those of you who are interested. I find it so exciting!

Once again, Huge Congratulations to the 12 successful students who are now qualified.  I look forward to getting together to share a celebration!

Next week I hope to be releasing the dates and venues for the 2008 courses.  I wil be teaching in Loughborough, Swindon and on the South Coast, plus there will be a couple of dates abroad as well.  All good fun!