How great is it when the sun is out and we can enjoy the effects of the sunshine.  I have been enjoying a few days in my garden and have had a great time and plenty of time to refect on the joys of my life.  I have so many things to be grateful for.  I have spent time with my parents, my sister and brother in law, best friend and a new friend and enjoyed it all.  I took time to actually stop and notice the moment and realy counted my blessings. How often are we to busy to appreciate the "Now".  My new area of garden was so easy to dig after the heavy rains, it soon became a gorgeous camillia garden and when my parents called I had more helpers!  The sun was glorious and the air was bright and invigorating. 

I spend lots of time with people in my clinic who have become depressed or over whelmed and are finding it difficult to be happy.  I know hwo that feels and I was on antidepresants at 18 and had to learn how to be hapy and get myslef ouut of a bad or low mood.  Over the years I have put together a simple paln that works for me and now I share it with others in my clinic or school.  It is so simple and yet often things that really work are simple!  The simpler the better.  The launch of my book "Three Steps to Enjoying Life" was the culmination of refining the concept and keeping it very easy to do, understand and adopt.  My aim in writing this book was to give anyone who is coping with times of stress, low energy, miserable thoughts or feeling overwhlemed, a simple way to resolve it.  How do you feel when you think about your favourite view, hobby or some one you love?  If it uplifts you then do it again, if it is depressing then choose something else to think about!  the essence of being able to enjoy life is being selective over what we allow ourselves to think about and being aware of what we can do about things now.  Our focus of our thoughts is key to our happiness.

Imaging my delight when I read the review in the August edition of Positive Health magazine (Issue 138), to read it in full click here

It was reviewed by Anthony Aurelius who works as a professional life coach and he writes "Upon picking up this small book I was curious about what it would offer me. I was pleasantly suprised…….. This book gives a very simple, yet very effective strategy to achiev a more positive outlok and more enjoyment in your life…………I really enjoyed doing the simple, straight forward excercises and the flowing text. Not only did I enjoy immensely the read, but this book also helped me…………………take an hour out to read this book and it will surely change your life for the better"