Over the last few days I have had some great feedback from students on the results of having completed some (or all!) of their case studies.  This is now mean feat!  The case studies require dedication, however the rewards are wonderful.   I have heard some great comments during the week.

“This has been one of the best weeks I have had. I cannot believe how much I have grown in my understanding. All of a sudden it is all making sense.  When I started learning about Gentle Touch™ Reflexology, I thought that there was going to be too much to learn but now that I am writing the case studies up, I am finding out that I know so much more than I thought. I am loving it and cannot wait to get onto the next one!”

Some of you may be doing your case studies at the moment, in which case hopefully you are already beginning to get the benefit for doing them!  If you have not got to that point, or have not started yet,  let me share some more recent comments!

“This has been such a great experience.  I never thought I would actually enjoy writing the case and client studies.  I normally hate big writing jobs but once I got started ; I could not stop!  It was like I had only just seen this client for the first time. Everything started to come together and I reallly understood what was going on.  All the information had been there before and I had got some of their issues during the treatment, but it is only since the writing up that I get a whole new picture.  I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this. Everything we have learnt on the course has come together. I am thrilled.  I am not rushing this as I am enjoying writing them up!”

“I am loving this, I wish I had started earlier!  Now I know why these are so important!  They have really helped me get the real brilliance of what Gentle Touch™ Reflexology is all about. My clients have done so well with their treatments and I cannot believe that I have had so many great results with these clients. Some are my family and some friends and everyone had had an improvement and some were amazing.  I thought that was enough, but now I am writing them up I am getting a totally new perspective and get that I know more then ever.”

All good stuff!

The presentation of case studies is the final culmination of all the hard work done. It is your chance to show how far you have come.  Initially the first case studies will be a little sparse but as time continues the results and information gleaned will grow. It is a lovely and evolving process.  I am so delighted that the students who have been in touch this week have found it such an enriching process.  These case and client study files will be something to be so proud of.

All I have got to do is get them marked now! 

I have to say that I am always amazed at the standard produced by the students. The files themselves look amazing and that is before anyone looks inside!  Thank you to all previous students who are now successful graduates who have taken the time out to bring all their files in for the current students to see.  That makes it all seem so much more real when you can actually see what you need to produce. Thank you also for your generous support and encouragement of current students.

I am sure the current group of students who are taking their exams in September will be fine. They are all working hard and revising and getting their case study files in. 

I am also looking forward to welcoming the new group of students who also start in September  They are a lovely group and I am sure some more lovely friendships will be formed.

Happy Feet!