It has been a great few weeks for Gentle Touch Reflexology as we have had some really lovely results.  We were at the Association of Reflexologists  (AoR) conference at the University of Warwick and had lots of experienced reflexologists stop by to chat or watch demonstrations. It is lovely to hear from so many who are open to new or different ways of using their existing or new skills.The feedback was marvellous and wonderful for my students (who were assisting on the stand) to hear.   It was a joy to watch those in the chair relax on such a busy day.  We had one lady who was experiencing real grief and she not only loved the treatment but brought her friend over the next day for more!  I am sure I will be chatting about the things that I see, hear and witness on a regular basis here.

I have read some lovely blogs and know that this will possibly develop a life of it’s own! I love so many different and varied things that this blog could therfore be about anything that crops up!

Last  week was another fabulous week with clients in clinic.  We had a gorgeous baby who is totally transormed from being a very unhappy and noisy little one, to a smiley and happy cherub!  One business owner who was swamped by confusion got a clear streak of clarity and saw the whole of their business from a new perspective and was raring to go and sort it all out!  I hardly had time to unwrap the towels as they bounded out of the chair!

One client is so thrilled that she has now recommended her sister to have some Gentle Touch Reflexology and has found the nearest one is actually one of my current students.  Now they are all helping the student to revise so that they qualify easily!  What a great start for the student and show great confidence in their skils and attitude. The lady is over coming a back problem and the student is on the way to getting qualified with a happy client.

I have also had a call from  a lady who wants a specialist training session for her qualified students who now want to add GTR to their portfolio of existing skills. It is fun talking to people from all over the counrty and world!  I love this subject as there are so many who love the treatment and I cannot help getting passionate about it! I am enjoying writing my book about it – who knows when it will be finished!

I am new to this blog way of life and will be finding more and more ways in which it can grow and hope to involve appropiate experiences from students as we go along. I feel so proud of them as they have developed such wonderful skills and abilities.  Each class session they tell each other what they have noticed, witnessed or experienced and they are frequently so wonderful to hear or share.  I hope to bring more of that to share with you. There are more testimonials and experiences on the websites

I have a feeling that Gentle Touch Reflexology (GTR) is the most perfect place for many as a treatment option and also as a career.  It is perfect for those that it is right for. There are so many different types of reflexology and as time goes on the public can become more aware ofthe various approaches and then make a knowledgeable choice for themselves. I love the fact that we can each choose the right method for ourselves and broaden the options available to all. Gentle Touch Reflexology is exactly what it says it is "Gentle", it is an appropriate form of "touch" and it is "reflexology". 

Gentle Touch Reflexologists work with a whole range of people and assist them at various ages and life stages and conditions.  As a client it has oodles to offer and as a career, I personally think it is incredible. You can take it into any area of life. How great is that?!