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A wide variety of courses currently running, take a look through our list of courses and book your place now!


A wide variety of courses currently running, take a look through our list of courses and book your place now!


Sue sells her own Books, DVDs along with other products and literature, whether for practitioners or for self help, it’s all here!

Sue Ricks Academy

The SRA is built on my 30+ years of practical experience. I’m delighted to be able to offer access to my coaching to anyone in the world!

10 top tips for Foot Reading

Foot Reading, also know in reflexology as Foot Analysis, is a practce that involves examining the shape, size, colour and texture of a person's feet to gain insight into their physical and emotional well-being. Here are 10 top tips for Foot Reading: 1) Understand the...

Navigating the Sue Ricks Academy.

We understand that there is a huge amount of content on the Sue Ricks Academy and some members may find it difficult to find what they are looking for. We want to help you make the most of what there is to offer, as we understand that it is hard to find the time to go...

Live Course – Fresh Start, Achieving Dreams.

Living life to the fullest. Our next Live Course and our first of 2024 will begin on Wednesday 10th January. You can join me for 4 consecutive weeks on learning how we can live life to the fullest, and make a real difference. Our recent Live Courses have been a great...

Christmas & New Year Special Offers

I have created some wonderful festive offers to celebrate the festive holidays. These offers are available up until and including 7th January 2024! My offers include courses, books and a helpful reflexology chart. To see all of these Christmas and New Year special...

Bite-sized chunks of learning materials.

On the Sue Ricks Academy, we have a variety of topics & items to learn from. We understand that there is a large range of content to explore so we have included lots of bite-sized chucks of content for when you have less time to learn during those busy days or...

The Benefits of Baby Reflexology for Reflexologists, babies, children and their parents/carers.

Everyone wants a happy life, however, it is not always plain sailing. Using reflexology to support a baby or a child gives an opportunity to increase the good times whilst promoting healthy growth and development of every child. It increases bonding between a...