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One Way of Writing a Book and Getting it Published

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E-Book Available £12.99
An eBook on how to provide you with a proven way of getting your book(s) written and published.


A factual and detailed guide provided to help you find out how to get your book actually written and then published. From idea to reality!

The aim of this guide is to provide you with a proven way of getting your book(s) published. This is based on four years of experience and successful publication of four books and two more in production!
This is a companion book to our other eBook in the series ‘Setting yourself up for success during a writing week’.

We hope that you find that this short cuts some of the issues for you that we originally encountered en route to publication. This is our ‘How to’ guide.

This guide follows a progression through all the subjects that will aid you towards producing the book that you are aiming for.

It is Perfect for:-
  • Anyone who want to write a book and does not know where to start
  • Authors who have started a book but does not know how to finish it
  • Anyone who has been unable to get published
  • Authors who are confused by what options of publication there are
  • Any writer who wants to know how to create their book into a reality
  • Those working in an effective and efficient manner.
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13 pages A4

About the Authors:

Sue Ricks is a successful complementary practitioner, lecturer and author. She has written books on Enjoying Life, Reflexology for Babies and Children, Confidentiality and co-author of Book Writing and Book Writing weeks guides.

Cathy Brown is a business professional and psychologist with over a decade of experience in business and HR consulting,  She is the author of "Testing the Water - Is Self Employment For Me?" and co- author to guides on Book Writing and Book Writing Weeks.
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Type Quantity Price Options
E-Book Available £12.99

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