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Kenko Light - full spectrum lighting

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Kenko Light


  • Simulates the natural light spectrum of the sun to support health, but without the harmful UV rays
  • Can help towards reducing eyestrain and headaches, and increasing productivity and focus
  • Gradual light increase/decrease function to replicate sunrise/sunset for a more natural sleep cycle, an inbuilt audible alarm to aid waking, and an inbuilt clock
  • Ideal for use both at home and in the office

The KenkoLight® creates an enriched light spectrum compared to ordinary artificial light, which is a closer simulation of the natural light of the sun. Most organisms thrive under natural sunlight, but much of modern living is spent indoors during daylight hours. During the winter months in particular, we may receive only minimal exposure to natural light. The KenkoLight® can help towards reducing headaches and increasing productivity in the workplace.


The kenko light can be purchased from my Nikken site, register as a customer (log in at the top)and get your order within five working days.

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