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PiMag® Bottle - water bottle

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PiMag® Bottle - water bottle


  • Economical, environmental alternative to bottled water
  • Advanced filtration for healthier, better-tasting water
  • PiMag® technology adjusts pH to create alkaline water
  • Safe, reusable, recyclable, biodegradable bottle
  • Replaceable filter - good for approximately 250 refills

Whether you are playing sports on the field, watching in the stands, travelling to work, or flying around the world, now you can create delicious PiMag® water wherever you go and from any safe water tap that you pass.

The bottle is reusable and, since each replaceable filter lasts for an estimated 250 refills, the cost of filling up is also only around half the price per litre of buying bottled water, saving you money too.


To order direct go to my Nikken site and register as a customer with the company, put the item in your shopping basket and they will send it to you within five working days.


Also see the Waterfall PiWAter filtration system for your counter top


Both the waterfall table top filter and water bottle can be purchased from my Nikken Site. register as a customer (log in at the top)and get your order within five working days.


Type Quantity Price Options
Only 5 left in stock £44.00

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