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fantastic-feet-3d-book.png Fantastic Feet Has Landed - 08-May-2014
The long awaited Fantastic Feet - Foot Reading Book is here! Feet are a window in to what may rea ...[Read more]
standard.png Reflexology Association of America Conference - 28-Apr-2014
Sue is attending the Reflexology Association of America conference which is being held Friday 2nd Ma ...[Read more]
xmas-vouchers.png Sue Ricks Christmas Gift Voucher - 27-Nov-2013
The new gift vouchers have arrived.  I hope you like them as much I do!  A great present f ...[Read more]
Hanne Marquardt and Sue Ricks.jpg Training opportunity with Hanne Marquardt - 26-Nov-2013
I have heard from Hanne that she is hosting a 2 day training course in Germany. I have extremely fon ...[Read more]
babies-DVD-3D.png The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children DVD - 26-Nov-2013
The new DVD on The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children is now available.   Th ...[Read more]
baby-DVD.jpg New Baby DVD - Pre Order Now! - 15-Jul-2013
standard.png Take Credit Cards in Clinic - 03-Jul-2013
I've just started using a new credit card payment system in my clinic & school.  It is so e ...[Read more]
standard.png Blog Site updates - 17-Oct-2012
I have been creating a list of things that I fancy putting on the blog site in the next few months.& ...[Read more]
standard.png GTR Student - Graduate, Louisa Gard wins ICNM Student of the Year Award - 23-Aug-2012
We are so thrilled to announce that Louisa Gard has won the ICNM Student of the Year Award.  Lo ...[Read more]
standard.png USA Gentle Touch Reflexology Training - 30-Apr-2012
The next USA training options in Gentle Touch Reflexology are:- RAA conference, Orlando, Florida - ...[Read more]
standard.png BRCP senior practitioner award - 30-Apr-2012
Sue Ricks has been awarded Senior Practitioner of the British Register of Complementary Practitioner ...[Read more]
standard.png New Social Media -Blog site re started, Twitter, Linked in and Facebook - 03-Mar-2012
Well here we are in the new age of social media!  I seem to have found so much to do over the l ...[Read more]
hot-stone-therapy.png New Hot Stone Reflexology Course is Launched - 09-Feb-2012
A new addition to the range of School courses is launched as the Hot Stone Reflexology One day CPD c ...[Read more]
Babies&Children2.png The Florida RAA speakers and Booking Information. Speaking in Orlando on Gentle Touch Reflexology for Infants - 12-Dec-2011 Here is the information on the Reflexolog ...[Read more]
standard.png New Oil for Gentle Touch Reflexology - 08-Dec-2011
At last I have found it!  I have been searching for ages for anew oil that works with Gentle To ...[Read more]
standard.png Gentle Touch Reflexology in Ireland - Next course - 23-Mar-2011
Gentle Touch Reflexology for Babies & Children Course in Ireland I will be running a Gentle Tou ...[Read more]
standard.png Positive Health Magazine Recommends - 28-Jan-2011
Positive Health Magazine Has Recommended in it's latest issue (179) Sue Ricks Refl ...[Read more]
standard.png NRRI Symposium - Ireland - Gentle Touch Reflexology - Photos - 29-Oct-2010
National Register of Reflexologists of Ireland (NRRI) symposium - Dublin I had a wonderful ti ...[Read more]
standard.png Barcelona - Kids and Teens Conference Sept 2011 - 15-Oct-2010
Barcelona - Kids and Teens Conference Sept 2011 I have been invited by Lone Sorenson to present at ...[Read more]
standard.png Cincinnatti 2009 Autumn - 15-Oct-2010
October 2009 Trip to New York and Cincinnati. For the second time in 2009 I was lucky enough to be ...[Read more]
standard.png 2010 so far! - 15-Oct-2010
2010 so far! What a great year it has been so far.... It’s been an amazing year and it is st ...[Read more]
standard.png AoR Hons Award. - 26-Sep-2010
Thank you to the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) for the lovely surpise of awarding me Honorary ...[Read more]
standard.png Latest Course Dates (UK) for 2010 into 2011 - 26-Aug-2010
Here are the course dates for 2010/2011. All courses are on line here - please see all courses We ...[Read more]
standard.png Course Dates (UK) for 2010 - 30-Jun-2010
The July - December Course dates are confirmed as follows: (Click for PDF of all Uk dates) Gentl ...[Read more]
standard.png Ireland - Gentle Touch Reflexology - NRRI Symposium - 08-Jun-2010
Keynote Speaker: Sue Ricks - Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies (UK), GentleTouchTM Refl ...[Read more]
standard.png Reflexology Association of America (RAA) - 15-May-2010
The Reflexology Association of America (RAA) conference is going great. We are here in Denver having ...[Read more]
standard.png Blog Site Updates & GTR in New York - 09-May-2010
I have just been updating my blog site with the latest news on what's happening there in New York an ...[Read more]
standard.png New ARCB (American Reflexology Certification Board) Approved Courses - 29-Apr-2010
Sue Ricks School of Complementary Therapies, P00133, is approved as a provider of continuing educati ...[Read more]
standard.png New Courses in Ohio and Kentucky - 19-Apr-2010
New Course information for the courses in Ohio and Kentucky Please click here for the details. Add ...[Read more]
standard.png NEW BOOK!!! Reflexology for Babies & Children - 12-Mar-2010
NEW BOOK!!!  Reflexology for Babies & Children I am so pleased to be able to te ...[Read more]
standard.png So What is Gentle Touch Reflexology? - 12-Mar-2010
So What is Gentle Touch Reflexology? All forms and methods of reflexology are wonderful ...[Read more]
standard.png Three Steps to Enjoying Life - 12-Mar-2010
Three Steps to Enjoying Life – Sue Ricks’ First Book   Living with dyslexia has b ...[Read more]
standard.png Positive Health Magazine - Reflexology for Babies and Children - 26-Feb-2010
Positive Health Magazine information on Reflexology for Babies and Children The March 2010 issue of ...[Read more]
standard.png Cincinnati and New York - Teaching and Family - May 2009 - 26-Feb-2010
In May 2009 I went to Cincinnati, Ohio to lead a series of training events and lectures on ...[Read more]
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