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The Peace Point


The Peace Point is one of my very favourite reflex locations it's something that I came across about 15 years ago when I started working more increasingly with babies and children.


It is a point which seems to be incredibly special for some babies, children and adults too.


Everything out about the Gentle Touch of Reflexology for babies and children is approached very delicately, gently and sensitively and the Peace Point it is part of that too.


One of the nurses who I work with in a NICU unit says that is one of her favourites too and can be one of the most powerful points. Personally I have witnessed numerous occasions where this makes a huge difference.


It's all about peace!


The peace point is a lovely delicate area that is at the bottom of the heart reflex. "From the bottom of my heart" the heart is the centre of love and it is fed by loving vibrations.  Adult sometimes report a very subtle and 'nice' feeling when this point is very gently, lovingly and peacefully held.


Simply bring yourself to a calm, relaxed and peaceful state and offer up just your thumbs (from plantar aspect) or middle fingers (from dorsal aspect). Make the lightest of connections to this point only touching with either thumbs or muddle fingers.


Offering this simplest and most beautiful of touches can be done at any time when doing reflexology for or a fractious or crying baby or unhappy child.


Incorporating this into your treatment can be a very special time. 


I believe it’s essential to offer the best of ourselves when touching anyone, especially a child.  Accessing our own peace before we touch the peace point is a win win situation and vibration. Offering the same love and support to babies and children is one of the key elements of the Peace Point.  We (as practitioners) access our own peace before we begin to even touch this point (or any point in fact) so being at peace in ourselves is beautiful and offers that opportunity for the child to be more at peace as well.  In essence we go first! Before we touch the area, we find our own peace and so when we touch the Peace Point, we are sitting gently in that quiet vibration which is all about love, acceptance and peace. 


We therefore are more able to make that offering available for the child to pick up.


I personally love the Peace Point and would highly recommend it to anyone.... As long as you know how to access your own peaceful state. If that’s not possible on a particular occasion then it's much more healthy for all concerned if you give it a miss!  


The Peace Point is one of the reflex areas talked about in my book, "The Gentle Touch of Reflexology for Babies and Children, where you can see more information, charts and images too.


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